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Mission of the Institute is provision of quality, safe and effective medicines and medical devices of appropriate performances.


Mission of the Institute is to protect human and animal health by promoting rational use of medicines and medical devices and supporting the development of the pharmaceutical sector.


Expert activities of the Institute are focused on regulatory processes, conducting supervision and providing support to the market of medicines and medical devices, with the aim of ensuring and promoting timely availability of medicines and medical devices, as well as on activities contributing to science and profession for the benefit of public health, economy and society as a whole. In the field of medicines and medical devices, we care about human and animal health and we are committed to continuing to provide complete and timely high quality services, proposing policies and coordinating activities to create a conducive social environment for the development of timely availability of safe, quality and effective medicines and medical devices of appropriate performances.


Vision of the Institute is systemically regulated field of medicines and medical devices.


Institute endeavors to become a respected and internationally well-established national regulatory body, responsible for proposing policies and systemic solutions in the field of medicines and medical devices. Vision of the Institute is to fulfill its responsibilities in a systemically regulated and predictable regulatory environment which provides the ability to plan and certainty in the business operation of its partners in pharmaceutical industry and health system.


A stable market of medicines and medical devices with a tendency of continuous development guarantees the fulfillment of the obligation to protect public health.


Institute strives to become a competent and efficient regulatory body that provides information on medicines and medical devices in an appropriate manner. In a regulated environment, preconditions are created for the performance of tasks entrusted by the Law to the Institute within the prescribed time limits. Timely and efficient handling of applications will enable informing professional and general public about all variations of the information on the medicines and medical devices in a timely manner. This way of regulating the system of medicines and medical devices will increase the visibility of the Institute in the network of European and international regulatory bodies and establish its respectability in terms of taking stands and making decisions.


Expertise, independence and impartiality of the Institute will contribute to the ambition that the visibility and respectability of the Institute, both regionally and internationally, is a result of its full commitment to the Institute’s mission and vision, while respecting principles of integrity, partnership, reliability and efficiency.

Along with intensive expert work, the vision of a systemically regulated environment will ensure developing of partnership relations and respect for interests and priorities in the business operation of the pharmaceutical industry, and thus affect market development and economic growth, and consequently, the disappearance of the black market (stolen and falsified medicines), as well as employment growth. In this way, a positive contribution is made to a higher level of public health by providing a larger number of authorised innovative and generic therapies. Additionally, it is necessary to fully respect the fact that the independence of the Institute stems from public authority, which enables the state as a founder to achieve one of the noblest goals of society – care for the health of its inhabitants.


Achieving the mission and vision of the institute means:


Active dialogue and cooperation – teamwork with our partners
Quality and timely services – clients’ satisfaction
Professional expertise and dedication – an attractive place to work
Institute as an initiator of regional and international cooperation – a strong international position





Highly educated and continuously trained personnel who perform tasks within the area of competence of the Institute at a high level in terms of expertise, setting ambitious goals, in a professional and impartial manner, applying modern scientific standards and European legislation and also achievements in medicine and pharmacy.



Decision-making based on diligent assessment of all known aspects with the application of the principle of impartiality both in relation to clients and colleagues. CInMED strives for meaningful and purposeful solutions while respecting set priorities. It conducts a detailed analysis of its decisions, with consideration and learning from its own mistakes.



Proactive identification of the area of business performing and giving contributions by initiating discussions and negotiations, as the only right way to the necessary changes and finalization of started projects. Respect for the value of its own, but also time dedicated by its partners.



Openness to proposals and cooperation on ideas and projects that support the development of the pharmaceutical sector. CInMED respects expectations of its partners and agreements and understanding made between the parties in order to reach a broad social consensus. CInMED makes maximum effort to recognize the role and effort of its partners and colleagues and in this way it plays a connecting and initiating role, taking into account mutual respect, openness and trust.



Business is performed in a transparent and impartial manner, eliminating any possibility of corruption and discrimination, i.e. exclusively in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as moral and ethical principles. CInMED creates an environment that provides encouragement and motivation and makes dedicated, determined, courageous, creative, professional and satisfied employees, devoted to respecting these values.

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