Pijava nezeljenog dejstva lijeka

According to Law on Medicines healthcare professionals are obliged to report each suspected adverse reaction to the medicine to the Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices (CInMED). Healthcare professionals can report adverse reaction to the Institute directly, or through the representative of medicine manufacturer (marketing authorization holder) in Montenegro. Adverse reactions to the vaccines are monitored by CInMED and the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro.

Suspected adverse reactions to medicines may be reported to CInMED via online reporting form, which you can access by clicking, or scanning the QR code below.

Reporting of suspected adverse drug reaction may also be done by completing Adverse reaction reporting form (updated on 24.11.2020., document in Montenegrin), taking into account Notes important for completing the form (document in Montenegrin).

Reporting of a suspected adverse event following immunisation may be done by completing the Adverse Reaction Reporting Form (updated on 2.3.2023. (document in Montenegrin)), taking into account the Notes important for completing the form (document in Montenegrin).

Patients may report adverse reactions to medicines/vaccines to CInMED by completing  Adverse reaction reporting for patients (updated 15.10.2021.)

Fulfilled reporting form can be submitted to the Institute in one of the following manners:

By Post (or in person):

Institute za ljekove i medicinska sredstva Crne Gore

Bul. Ivana Crnojevića 64A

81 000 Podgorica

 By phone:

+382 (20) 310 280

+382 (20) 310 281

+382 (20) 310 580

By fax:

+382 (20) 310 581

By e-mail:

If you are a chosen doctor in primary healthcare/general hospital, pharmacist in AU Montefarm, you can report suspected adverse reaction to the medicine/vaccine to the Institute directly through primary healthcare/general hospital information system.

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