New information of importance for safe use of medicines are sent to healthcare professionals as Direct Healthcare Professional Communication (DHPC). Direct Healthcare Professional Communication may be sent by marketing authorization holder, or the Institute and it is usually created when there are significant changes in the Summary of the characteristics of a medicine (new contraindications, limitation of recommended dose, restriction in indications, restriction in the medicine dispensing mode, new precautionary measures, etc.), or when healthcare professionals need to be informed about the cessation of validity, or temporary suspension of marketing authorisation due to safety reasons. Additionally, it can also be sent in other situations, when it is necessary to let healthcare professionals learn about the information important for safe use of the medicine.

In case when Direct Healthcare Professional Communication is sent by a marketing authorisation holder, the content of it, along with the communication plan towards healthcare professionals, must be previously approved by the Institute.

Marketing authorisation holder, as well as CInMED, may deliver Direct Healthcare Professional Communication in person, by post, or by e-mail. Additionally, since 2015, CInMED has had the option in integral health information system that allows direct sending of messages about safe use of medicines to healthcare professionals in health centers and general hospitals. This system enables the Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices to deliver important information to all healthcare professionals employed in mentioned institutions, or to a particular group of healthcare professionals to whom the information relates, with minimum time consumption. Also, through this system, CInMED receives feedback on whether a healthcare professional has confirmed the receipt of the message sent to him/her. Simple, fast and efficient communication between CInMED and healthcare professionals enabled in such manner is a significant factor for creating reliable pharmacovigilance system in Montenegro.

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