The Institute is the first institution in the health system of Montenegro that applies the integrated quality and information security management system (IMS). Its ongoing development of the IMS is confirmed by certification to international standards ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 (since 2017).

Our commitment to implementation and development of the IMS is stated in the Quality and Information Security Policy.

Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices has recognized the need to introduce ISO 9001 quality system into its operations. Through this system, we want to emphasize our focus on: clients’ and stakeholders’ satisfaction on the one hand, and motivated, well-trained and professional employees on the other hand. We identified all the processes taking place in the Institute and documented procedures and work instructions, so the entire system is documented. The system where all responsibilities and authorizations are identified enables us to monitor and control the entire service providing cycle. It also includes preventive approach that aims to identify and prevent potential problems and non-conformities.

The Institute deals with confidential information and documentation related mostly to the assets of its clients. Therefore, it is very important to ensure information security and protection from unauthorized access, or even loss in high-risk situations. For this reason, the Institute upgraded its quality system and expanded it to the implementation of ISO/IEC 27001 – Information security management system, and thus showed orientation towards continuous improvement of business operations.

In addition to above-mentioned certifications, the Institute was awarded the “Oscar of Quality”, as the absolute winner for organizations outside of the Republic of Serbia. The “Oscar of Quality” award is created by following the example of the EFQM Excellence Award and is awarded by the FQCE (Foundation for Quality Culture and Excellence), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and with support of the Ministry of Economy of The Republic of Serbia.

By continual investment in quality system, we increase the awareness and personal responsibility of our employees, which enables us to use time and resources optimally and thus contribute to improvement of the the overall operations of the Institute.


Since its establishment, The Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices has been focused on clients’ satisfaction, and questionnaires provide us valuable information that are analyzed and used as an input for improvement of our performance and cooperation.


Every advice, suggestion or opinion is welcome and important to us, so in order to facilitate the access to the survey, we have provided different options to fill out the questionnaire:


  • Online survey – a direct online questionnaire that can be filled out in a few minutes and results are automatically processed.
  • Electronic form  in the Word format that should be filled out and sent via e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected], or via fax to +382 20 310 581, or by post, or it can be printed and put into the survey box in the Institute.
  • Paper form that is provided in the Institute and should be put into the survey box.


Note: The filled questionnaire can be anonymously sent and all the data provided will be used for a client satisfaction evaluation only, or a possible contact, and will not be provided to any third party.

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