CInMED positions Montenegro as an equal member of the European family by continuously participating in the EU bodies’ work

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Managing Director of the Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices (CInMED), Ms. Snežana Mugoša, MD, MSc, PhD, spec., and Deputy Managing Director, Ms. Mira Kontić, LL.M., are attending the 59th meeting of EMACOLEX at the invitation of the European Medicines Agency. The meeting is being held from April 20 to 21 in Uppsala, Sweden.

EMACOLEX (European Medicines Agencies Co-operation of Legal and Legislative Issues) is a body of the European Medicines Agency, comprised of lawyers from the European Union Member States that are responsible for the development and implementation of European regulations and standards. EMACOLEX meetings are organised with a purpose of discussion among its representatives in order to reach an agreement on uniform principles and legal positions that will be applied throughout the European regulatory network.

CInMED representatives see this meeting as an ideal opportunity to exchange opinions on legal matters and exchange experiences in solving issues of national interest, as in this manner perspectives are broadened with regard to systematic regulation of regulatory conditions on the market of medicines and medical devices.

Participation in the work of the most important legal body of the EU, even before Montenegro becomes a member state, is of great importance for further improvement of CInMED’s work.

“We need to continue finding ways to cooperate and participate in the work of European bodies. By doing so, we build the progress of institutions and position Montenegro as an equal partner in the family of European nations. This is the only way we can respond to real challenges we face, especially when it comes to contributing to the establishment of the rule of law and building a predictable and reliable legal framework”, CInMED said.


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