European Commission gave support to CInMED to become a member of the International Medical Device Regulators Forum

Evropska komisija podržala CInMED da postane član Međunarodnog foruma regulatora medicinskih sredstava

Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro (CInMED) continues to expand the network of its international partners in the field of medical devices. At the invitation of the European Commission, the Managing Director of CInMED, MD, MSc, PhD, spec. Snežana Mugoša and Deputy Managing Director, LL. M. Mira Kontić, are attending the official meeting of the International Medical Devices Regulators Forum (IMDRF), which is being held on March 27 and 28 in Brussels.

IMDRF is an international organization of medical devices regulators united with a purpose of creating a strong and single regulatory framework and promoting effective models for responding to growing challenges for public health and patient safety protection. In addition to the highest representatives of the European Commission, the meeting of this exceptionally important international association is attended by representatives of all IMDRF member states, i.e. the most influential European and world regulators, such as the medicines agencies of the USA, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, China, Australia, etc.

CInMED representatives used this opportunity to make significant contacts and exchange opinions on further development path of CInMED. After the top level talks, the chairman of the IMDRF, Dr. Andrzej Rys, called for the Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro to become a full member of the family of international regulators in the field of medical devices. CInMED representatives expressed their gratitude for the invitation and emphasized that they would take necessary steps to gain membership in this international organization as soon as possible. In this manner, CInMED would have the opportunity to contribute and influence the regulation and harmonization of standards in this field at the international level.

Sastanak IMDRF

The cooperation of regulatory institutions and representatives of manufacturers and distributors of medical devices through IMDRF enables the development, certification and monitoring of medical devices to be viewed from a global perspective, as well as the improvement of the regulatory response to challenges brought by innovations and new technologies.


“Achievements in the field of medical devices, i.e. the introduction of extremely sophisticated new technologies into the treatment of the most complex diseases, move the boundaries of conventional medicine. Therefore, we must broaden our horizons and be ready for the future that scientific and technological development brings with it, but also introduce measures that ensure the highest standard of protection for our patients”, pointed out the Managing Director of CInMED, MD, MSc, PhD, spec. Snežana Mugoša.

Direktorica CInMED-a doc. dr Snežana Mugoša, predstavnik Misije Crne Gore pri Evropskoj uniji Aleksandar Čampar, zamjenica direktora CInMED-a mr Mira Kontić

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