In cooperation with European Commission experts the Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices implements the highest standards of animal health and welfare protection

Institut za ljekove i medicinska sredstva u saradnji sa ekspertima Evropske komisije implementira najviše standarde očuvanja zdravlja i dobrobiti životinja

Expert mission aimed at implementing standards and guidelines of the European Union in the procedure of authorising and importing veterinary medicines for Montenegrin market is carried out in the Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices (CInMED), with the aim of providing quality, safe and effective medicines for animals.


Experts of the European Commission Mr. Paolo Pasquali, DVM PhD, public health expert from the Institute for public health of Italy and Mr. Massimo Giangaspero, DVM, MSc, PhD, from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Teramo, Italy, will share their knowledge and many years of experience with CInMED experts in order to improve capacities in the assessment of documentation within the procedure of authorising and importing veterinary medicines. Namely, in accordance with its mission, the Institute strives to protect human and animal health by promoting rational use of medicines and to support the development of pharmaceutical sector in order to create conditions for greater availability of various veterinary medicines, respecting animals, nature and their interaction with humans.


In this manner, CInMED focuses on animal health and welfare bearing in mind its significance and impact on public health as a whole. 


“Impact of animal diseases and measures necessary to control them can be devastating for individual animals, animal population, animal owners and the economy. Animal diseases that are transmissible to humans can also significantly affect public health. Therefore, we must have enough quality and effective veterinary medicines available in order to ensure high standards of animal health and public health and the development of agricultural and veterinary sector” – declares CInMED.


The aforementioned project is only one of strategic steps in the improvement of the field of veterinary medicines and, deeply aware of the fact that by protecting animal health we protect health of people and environment as well, CInMED expects to carry out more extensive activities that will be enabled by the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency.


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