Organized by the Institute for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro, the first module of the program SMART pharmacist – Medicine Therapy Management was held on September 11th and 12th at the Hilton Hotel in Podgorica.


The project SMART pharmacist – Medicine Therapy Management is implemented with the aim of motivating pharmacists, developing and shaping their knowledge, skills and attitudes, and thereby enhancing public trust, with an emphasis on patients. In this regard, the approach of this project is focused on achieving the highest level of quality in performing the role of pharmacists, which involves monitoring the effectiveness and safety of prescribed therapy and optimizing the medication administration process in a way that provides favorable treatment outcomes to the patient, taking into consideration their quality of life. Competencies of pharmacists in implementing this process should be developed through education and the application of rational pharmacotherapy algorithms in practice to reduce adverse drug reactions, prevent clinically significant interactions, and increase adherence, thereby improving treatment success.


This is an interactive type of education consisting of three modules, and the entire program lasts for 60 hours, including 30 hours allocated for theoretical lectures and workshops, 10 hours for preparations and knowledge testing, and 20 hours for working with patients, as well as documenting the results.


The lecturer and workshop moderator is Assoc. Prof. Arijana Meštrović, PhD, MPharm, FFIP, the director of the international agency Pharma Expert. She is also a licensed trainer of the American Pharmaceutical Association, according to whose model and materials we conduct this education. She is a lecturer with scientific references that guarantee the quality of the education itself, as well as the application of the method in daily practice.


You can find more detailed information about the education plan and the lecturer’s references at this link.


The second module will be conducted on November 27th and 28th, and the third module is scheduled for March of the following year.



Note: For any questions, participants in the education program are welcome to contact us via the email address [email protected] or by calling +382 (20) 310 580.

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